Community Health Outreach

DCMC’s Community Health Department (CHD) outreach initiatives are at the forefront of providing critical preventive care and education to targeted rural districts in the large surrounding Dodoma region. CHD has been impacting rural health since the early beginnings of the medical center by being a leader in preventative educational programs in the Dodoma area.  The CHD’s strength lies in close collaboration with village members and other stakeholders to promote health-related changes in targeted rural villages.

Crowds of women showed up for CHD’s cervical cancer screening in rural villages

Outreach Services & Activities

Village Health Worker Photo by Moa Karlberg

Village Health Worker
Photo by Moa Karlberg

  • Training village health workers
  • Village sanitation projects
  • HIV/AIDS screening, counseling and education
  • Cervical cancer screening
  • Fistula identification
  • Adolescent reproductive health
  • Safe motherhood program
  • Family planning
  • Emergency obstetric care (EMOC) training
  • Drug abuse prevention program (SAADA)
  • Rural dispensary management


The Community Health Department has received national recognition for:

Mwimbe Boehl Chief, Community Health

Mwimbe Boehl
Chief, Community Health

  • Its participation and contribution toward improving the health care delivery in the Bahi District from the Bahi District Council (2013)
  • DCMC’s public health collaboration with the Bahi Region Council (2012)
  • Its model drug abuse prevention program (SAADA) and partnership with the Dodoma Police Department (2011)

Restoring Human Dignity

DCMC Community Health outreach volunteer and medical student intern Lydia Hartsell has seen firsthand how DCMC has helped restore dignity and quality of life to those suffering, such as women afflicted with obstetric fistula and human trafficking refugees.  Read more…

Dr. Lydia Hartsell DTHD Board Member Volunteer

Dr. Lydia Hartsell
DTHD Board Member