The Medical Center

Dodoma Christian Medical Center (DCMC) was launched in 2003 with a focus on community health in rural villages. Today it is a thriving 125-bed medical center with nearly 150 employees. From safe childbirth and surgeries, to dental care and comprehensive family medicine, DCMC has become the facility of choice for reliable, high-quality healthcare throughout Central Tanzania.

Meeting the Need

Tanzania has made incredible strides in the last two decades toward improving healthcare in the country. Once ranked near the bottom of global statistics, Tanzania has dedicated attention and resources to improving quality of life — and it has had an impact!

While great strides have been made,

concerning health statistics still remain that DCMC is responding to.

DCMC’s Solutions

Quality, compassionate healthcare for all

In safe, clean facilities

With comprehensive services available

“DCMC has become the most favored hospital in Dodoma, increasing the number of patients seeking care,” –Prof. Charles Majinge, MD, DCMC’s Director


On average, children account for more than 50% of in-patient bed space.


Blossoming in activity, patients are coming for everything from eye exams to cataract surgeries and laser procedures.


DCMC is the facility of choice for expectant mothers, especially those with high-risk pregnancies.


The medical center’s first clinic, thriving today with 6,000 patients per year.


With increasing need for surgeries, the medical center’s growth plan includes 3 additional operating theaters.


The pharmacy is a trusted source of medication for people in Dodoma, including patients at other health facilities.


DCMC is home to the only pathology lab in Central Tanzania, with potential to serve up to 15 additional health centers.


In a country where many people work physically demanding jobs, physical therapy is helping people live healthier lives.


DCMC is committed to bringing preventive health education to where it’s needed most – rural communities.

Click on the videos below to explore speciality care at DCMC



Board of Trustees

Amb. Prof. Emmanuel D. Mbennah, PhD

Trustee Chair

Tanzania Ambassador to Zimbabwe and Mauritius, retired
Harare, Zimbabwe

Dr. Redempta Mbatia, MD

Chair of Medical Committee

Executive Director
Tanzania Health Promotion Support
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Sirili I. Mushi

Chair of Finance & Personnel

Managing Director
OceanLink, Ltd.
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Cheryl Grasmoen

Retired Attorney and Philanthropic Advisor
Thrivent Charitable Impact & Investing
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Bobby I. Griffin

Founder; Tanzania Health Partnership
Medtronic Executive, retired
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Gregory S. Kabadi, PhD
Project Management Specialist
Tawi Consult
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Dr. Magdalena Lyimo, MD, PhD
Program Manager
National Blood Transfusion Service in Tanzania
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Mr. Pauline Gunje Mtunda
Certified Public Accountant
Parkway Company LTD
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Magdalena K. Rwebangira 
Legal Practitioner
Advocate of the Court of Appeal of Tanzania High Court
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania