History at a Glance

Dodoma Tanzania Health Development (DTHD) is founded and Dodoma Christian Medical Center (DCMC) Trust is registered with the Tanzanian government. Three hundred acres of land is leased from Dodoma’s Capital Development Authority. Dr. John Toso is named Project Director and DCMC architectural planning begins under U.S.-based architect Peter Ozolinn and correspondent Tanzanian firm Co-Architecture.

Viewing architectural plans

Viewing architectural plans

Site is acquired to build medical center and guest flats are constructed. DCMC is asked to manage area rural Lutheran dispensaries.

DCMC continues improvements to area rural dispensaries in order to provide basic medicines and preventive care to area villages. Preventive dental program begins. Massive infrastructure development (roads, sewers, clean water systems, etc.) takes place. Construction of staff housing and Dental Clinic begins.

680-foot well is completed on site to provide potable water. Dental Clinic is completed.

Dental Clinic sees its first patients. Dodoma Innovation & Production Company (DIPC), a separate for-profit company, is established to contribute to the future sustainability of the medical center. DIPC leases 50 acres from DCMC and opens a brick yard. Construction on Reproductive & Child Health Clinic is overseen by acting project director Dr. Mike Toth.

Reproductive and Child Health Clinic opens for patient services under the direction of Dr. Henry Ziegler. Community Health Outreach programs expand into rural Dodoma.

The Community Health Department’s work takes place in rural villages

Ceremonial groundbreaking takes place for a 100-bed, three-building hospital. Architectural plans are completed.

Community Health Outreach program receives national recognition for its drug abuse prevention program and work in the Bahi district. Delivery services added to Reproductive & Child Health Clinic, and plans for hospital expansion stalled by Value Added Tax (VAT) exemption law changes.

Newly remodeled Reproductive & Child Health Clinic now includes more accommodations and a fully equipped surgical suite and neo-natal area.

As part of the Tanzanian Ministry of Health’s countrywide effort to improve women’s health, DCMC begins conducting cervical cancer screening and fistula identification programs in rural villages.

To help meet the growing demand for care, the west wing of the medical center’s 6,300 square-ft expansion begins.

The medical center treated 56,000 patients, formed new partnerships with Medtronic and the University of Minnesota, and implemented the dental outreach program.

A student from Ntyuka School receives care as part of the outreach program

The west wing was completed and opened, and thousands more moved to Dodoma when parliament officially relocated there from the East coast economic hub Dar es Salaam. Although DCMC doubled in size, the demand of treating more than 95,000 patients placed a huge strain on the medical center’s staff and resources.

The dental outreach program received a $51,000 donation from Westwood Lutheran Church to expand through 2019. There are now six specialty clinics: Ob/Gyn, internal medicine, surgery, physiotherapy, pediatrics, and ophthalmology.

Dr. Charles Yancey conducts an eye exam at the new ophthalmology clinic, which he spearheaded and implemented