Why Dodoma, Tanzania?
Tanzania ranks as the 8th poorest of 236 countries in GDP per capita, and the centrally located area of Dodoma is one of the poorest regions within Tanzania.  As the parliamentary capital, Dodoma is experiencing rapid population growth which outstrips the availability of services.  Public transportation is poor, causing many people to walk long distances for even basic care.

What does DTHD do in Minneapolis?
DTHD is a Minneapolis-based 501(c)3 nonprofit whose mission is to help support and build the capacity of Dodoma Christian Medical Center (DCMC), a regional medical facility founded and created by DTHD in 2003 in the nation’s capital.  To accomplish this, DTHD raises funds and works in partnership with DCMC Trustees and medical professionals to ensure Tanzanian-led healthcare delivery programs and to develop international medical education exchanges.

How do DTHD and Dodoma Christian Medical Center (DCMC) work together?
DTHD directly supports the capacity building work of the medical center by providing funds for international medical education exchanges, medical equipment and supplies, the construction of buildings and more.  DTHD has a U.S.-based Board of Directors, and the medical center is controlled by Tanzanian Trustees with DTHD representation.  The focus of the U.S.-based Board is to support the goals of DCMC, whose mission is to provide quality healthcare in a sustainable manner.

Who oversees the work in Tanzania?
The DCMC Board of Trustees, who are approved by the DTHD Board, oversee the work in Tanzania.  One of DTHD’s strategic imperatives is that the delivery of healthcare in Dodoma be Tanzanian-led.  To that end, the medical center Trustees provide oversight for medical services, financial accountability, personnel, and assuring quality healthcare. There is a regular exchange of information and reporting between the nonprofit and medical center leaders.

Can I volunteer in Tanzania?
Yes, it is possible to volunteer in Tanzania at the medical center. DCMC itself oversees the selection and approval of all on-site volunteers, and more information can be obtained by contacting them directly at: dcmctrust@gmail.com.