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Preparing for the COVID-19 Pandemic

The first cases of COVID-19 have appeared in Dodoma, but none yet at DCMC.

To help protect staff and patients, the hospital has implemented several precautionary measures in accordance with Ministry of Health guidelines:

    • A COVID-19 response team is in place under the direction of Community Health Director Dr. Cyrialis Mutabuzi, MD, MPH, to ensure precautions and coordinate with regional health authorities.
    • Entrances to the hospital are restricted and the numbers of visitors controlled.
    • Hand washing stations are set up at all entry points and use is mandatory for all who enter and exit the building.
    • All staff are required to wear masks and daily group clinical meetings are suspended.
    • All staff at high risk because of age or underlying health conditions have been ordered to work from home as able.
    • A Red Cross isolation tent is set up outside the hospital for patients suspected of the virus. All are to be transferred to larger isolation units in Dodoma.
    • The hospital buildings, rooms and waiting areas are being sanitized nightly.
    • Extra medical supplies, medications and PPE are being stocked.
    • COVID-19 awareness information is posted throughout the hospital and on its TVs.
    • All community health outreach in rural areas and schools is suspended because of countrywide social distancing measures and school closures.



“In times of danger you fight with what you have.”

– Prof Charles Majinge, MD, DCMC Director

Last week, as coronavirus cases appeared in the city of Dodoma for the first time, DCMC requested urgent help to purchase approximately $10,000 in PPE supplies — N95 masks, infrared thermometers, gloves and protective gowns — to protect staff and patients. We asked you for 100 gifts @ $100, and your generous response helped us reach an amazing 71% of our goal. THANK YOU!