Medtronic and DTHD are brought together by their mutual missions to contribute globally to the underserved. Specifically, they are partnered in their commitment to support quality healthcare, innovative health systems and advanced medical technology in Tanzania. DTHD’s relationship with Medtronic has purposely been developed in service to the long-term strategic goal of Dodoma Christian Medical Center to provide quality, sustainable, modern healthcare. As part of this, Medtronic staff has visited hospitals throughout the region, including DCMC, to refine their response to surgical needs throughout the country.




To better understand sexual and reproductive health behavior among rural youth in Dodoma, the UMN School of Public Health’s Tiegen Dwyer, an epidemiology MPH student, conducted three months of research during the summer of 2016 with DCMC’s Community Health team. About 3,000 students were surveyed in 12 schools, and the results will serve as the basis for planning long-term outreach to address adolescents’ risky behaviors.

As part of a formal relationship with the UMN Department of Ob/Gyn, 5 third-year residents will visit DCMC for six-week rotations. The first to visit in the Fall of 2016 was Dr. Justin Boeke.